Individually Handmade
As our products are individually handmade and although best efforts will be put in to ensure consistency and as accurate as possible to our photos, pattern placement may vary with each product. Each product is one-of-a-kind thus no two products are exactly the same. The design is often discontinued when the particular material is used up.

Note that due to being handmade, there could be some imperfection (such as bumps or misalignment or minimum difference in size), but these do not affect the look and functionality of the final product.

Fabric Pattern Placement
Since every piece of fabric is individually cut and to minimise wastage of material, fabric pattern placement may vary with each product even though it's from the same fabric design thus each product will be one-of-a-kind.

The real colour of the products may be slightly different from the photos shown here due to camera quality and different monitor settings.

Suitability and Usage
Consumers are responsible for determining the suitability and appropriate use for any products that you purchase from any vendor on the market. Please regularly inspect your products for signs of wear and tear as needed for the safety of yourself or the end user.

Last but not least...
Some fabrics like cotton has a tendency to shrink and expand naturally depending on weather conditions and moisture. Please take this into consideration when using ii Design Workz product. We are not responsible for any shrinking/expanding that occurs during the shipping process or during use after sent to buyer.

It is commonly known that colour bleeding (discolouration) of fabric could happen in the first wash. Perspiration, lotions, deodorant, perfumes (just to name a few) could also contribute to color bleeding. Thus ii Design Workz is not responsible for any colour bleeding that occurs during use after sent to buyer. On the first wash, we suggest to handwash it separately from the rest with no or mild (pH ~7.0) soap.

... and to end off
Please take all of the above into consideration when placing your order as there is no cancellation once you have placed your order and payment is received. By purchasing and/or using ii Design Workz product, the consumer acknowledges and agrees to accept all responsibility and liability. ii Design Workz will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages that may result from the usage of our products; the consumer is solely responsible for the product after it is shipped.

- Last Updated on 12 February 2021 -

Handmade Fabric Accessories for your pup and you

. Dog Neckerchief . Dog Bandana . Dog Collar . Dog Hat . Water Bottle Holder . Scrunchies . Travel Tissue Holder . Pocket Tissue Holder . Crossbody Bag . Tote Bag . Headband . Face Mask .