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ii Design Workz is a dog and human fabric accessories shop based in a sunny country, Singapore, where all products are handmade in a smoke free environment.

Everyone knows the bond you have with your dog begins the moment he/she comes into your life and it never stops growing. Like every dog mom, I always enjoy dressing up Choppie (my furkid) and Choppie loves dressing up too. This is one of the activities we enjoy and love doing together.

Just like that, looking out for dog bandanas and dog accessories became a daily thing. Facing the challenge to find different styles of bandanas and accessories especially to go matchy with her, I decided to get on designing and sewing our own. Thereupon, ii Design Workz is born.

We wanted to create products that not only look great on your pup but also are of good quality that last. Apart from finding the cutest dog accessories here, you can also shop for your own personal accessories to go matchy with your pup and deepen the special bond between the 2 of you.

いい / ii (pronounced as “ee” “ee”) is a Japanese word formed with 2 identical letters was chosen to represent this special bond and our goal where the word is translated as “good” or "of good quality". On a personal note, いい / ii symbolises Choppie and me who are bonded by hearts and always standing by each other through the good and bad times.

To ensure your pup and you get the best, each newly crafted accessory is tested by Choppie and myself personally before listing the accessory on our shop.

By treating each ii Design Workz product as our own, each is handmade with a great deal of love and care. Every step in the process is carefully executed: from sourcing of materials, cutting the fabric, sewing the pieces together to packing the end product before it landed in your hands. The excitement and joy on your faces are what we strive for!

Get to know the team by just further exploring down. Thanks for your support and love, we couldn’t have done it without each of you!

About - Team - Choppie Wong 「 ii Design Workz 」

1-girl-1-furkid team

Meet Choppie!

Although Choppie was born in Taiwan, her name was inspired by one of the key characters named Tony Tony Chopper from One Piece, a popular Japanese anime.

She is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has a strong mind of her own. Her sweet and affectionate personality is what gets her endless attention and praises from everyone she meets. She loves just about anything edible and fresh except watermelon and oranges.

Being alone is a no no so she’s always keeping her mama (Yumi) under watch. Despite being curious and outgoing, she has an equally opposite timid self too.

Aside from eat play sleep, supervising Yumi on getting all orders done up nicely and on time is what she (the boss) does everyday.

About - Team - Yumi & Choppie Wong 「 ii Design Workz 」

Meet Yumi!

Yumi is Choppie’s mama. She loves animals with a huge soft spot for dogs. Being a very much hands-on girl, she believes in practical to theory. Her strong self-motivation means that there is no place in her life for negativity and energy drainers.

With her background as a former business owner of 2 companies for 7 years, she joined an events company after selling off her businesses. Unfortunately, events industry is badly hit by COVID-19 pandemic which led to her being retrenched. Before her entrepreneurship ventures, she was a white-collar worker for several years.

Shortly after settling down at their new home, Yumi re-started back to crafting, her biggest passion which was ‘frozen' for a long long time. Being able to craft an idea into a reality with her very own hands is what make her heart sing! (“⌒∇⌒”)

Though jewelries making, resins, origami are some of the crafting that were learnt and crafted, sewing has never crossed her mind until handmade fabric masks took over the world during this pandemic period. This, triggered Yumi’s curiosity on sewing. Feeling excited, she started off with making fabric masks for her family which surprisingly turned out to be a success with no failed product!

Fascinated by the wide varieties of fabric prints and how pieces of fabrics can be sewn into something useful, Yumi took a leap of faith and decided to soak into the sewing world.

Handmade Fabric Accessories for your pup and you

. Dog Neckerchief . Dog Bandana . Dog Collar . Dog Hat . Water Bottle Holder . Scrunchies . Travel Tissue Holder . Pocket Tissue Holder . Crossbody Bag . Tote Bag . Headband . Face Mask .